6 Simple and Smart Marketing Tips for Roofing Companies

by Shree January 18, 2019

It’s hard to make sweeping statements about the condition of the roofing company as a whole.  Factors such as location and local markets can make the prognosis of a roofing business in the Southeast very different from one in the Pacific Northwest.

Click here to see a summary of the condition of the industry in general.


Whether your roofing business is booming or busting, most folks would not mind having a steadier flow of leads and clients.

Listed below are 6 very practical, super affordable marketing tips for roofing companies that will work if your organization is large or small.


1. Prepare Yourself To Be Googled

People are searching all sorts of things associated with roofing in your area.  If you were based in Miami, FL.

“Roof repair in Miami”

“Best roofing companies near Miami”

“Miami roofers”


This doesn’t include other more strategic searches like”how to repair a leaking roof” that you would ideally like to appear for.

So as to locate these terms, you would want to conduct keyword research.  If you can determine the proper keywords that aren’t aggressive, your roof company can easily rank high in the search engine results page.


When it comes to roofing marketing ideas, you will need to be certain in the very least you have claimed your place as a Google Business.

It’s absolutely free to do, and ought to just have a few minutes.

The end result is that when people search for Your Company on Google, or when you show up in their results for things like”Miami roofers”, they will see more accurate and complete information, as shown below:

Source: Google

When you set up your business’ profile on Google, you will be able to do things such as:

  • Respond to client testimonials left on Google
  • Add photos of your business or your work
  • Add accurate store hours and location information
  • Place your best telephone number and other contact information

There are a variety of business directories and review websites which you ought to also take some opportunity to register for.

Most allow you to claim a business at no cost, but might also provide some paid services that you aren’t obligated to purchase.

The sites I’m referring to are Yellow Book onlineBing businessesYelp, and a lot more.

 2. Answer Questions On Your Site

This one sounds easy, but the majority of your competitors aren’t doing it.

“Which sort of shingle last best?”

“How much will my roof price?”

“Should I fix my roof?  Or purchase a new one?”

If you hear questions such as these from clients, then it’s safe to presume that they are asking these questions on Google too.

Roofing contractor marketing thoughts: Who better to answer these questions than you? 

If you wish to pull more free traffic to your site, then I would suggest answering every one of these common questions on your own site in the form of a blog post.

The great news is, you will have tons of suggestions to get started by writing down all the questions you receive on a daily basis.

There are several advantages for you by following these marketing ideas for roofing Businesses approach:

  1. The visitors is simpler to get.    We call these long-tail keywords, and we recommend that you concentrate on them early and often with your own content.
  2. It is free to do.  Assuming you create your own content, you can expect to make this content for free and pick up extra leads without paying for advertisements.
  3. You build authority and trust with your clients.  By providing well-thought out and knowledgeable answers, you are demonstrating that you are an expert in the roofing industry.  Readers will start to trust you and warm up to the concept of inviting you out to provide an estimate.

3. Deliver a Personalized Touch

The initial two ideas involved establishing a couple of things for your roofing company on the internet.  The content approach should be an ongoing effort that may produce long-term outcomes however, in a way, they are both things which you can do one time and reap dividends for years to come.

This marketing idea for roofing companies involves a lot more of an ongoing effort, but can make a massive effect on how your roofing company is perceived and how excited people are to refer their friends to you.

I don’t need to tell you that word of mouth promotion  is a possible gold mine.

People today take the suggestions of their loved ones and friends very seriously, so any actions you can take to increase referrals could be enormous for Business.

For Mike Doyle of Rent Like A Champion, a service which enables college football fans to rent houses near campus during game weekends, they set a standard that anytime somebody lists a house for reservations or rent a rental house, they receive a personal phone call.  Mike admits that it has been hard to keep up with as they have grown, but calling to say”thanks” and ask if there are some questions is something they view as both a customer service and marketing activity.

In the marketing side, obtaining a personal touch helps new clients feel special and feel a relationship with your brand.  In addition, it can get people talking, which has helped Mike through the word-of-mouth advertising it’s produced.

Do your customers feel special when they get a quote or one of your own services?  Or do they just feel like a number?

One easy way to try out this would be to produce an easy, friendly telephone call to everyone who asks a quote and only say,”thanks to the opportunity, we look forward to meeting you.”

4. Get Your Website Optimized

Your roof marketing goal to create quality prospects stands a better chance of coming to fruition once your site favors its execution.

Whether you are using brochures, postcards, banners, or any other offline strategy, chances are these prospects might wind up on your site for different reasons, and if their first impression of your site is below par, anticipate a sorry outcome.

Stanford University did a research  on the exact same and it turned out that 75 percent of people often judge a company based on its own website.

And because one of its most important functions is to convert those visitors into prospects, information of value to them should be easy to discover and a compelling call-to-action ought to be accessible, in order they are motivated to take an action.

A fantastic example is the Valentine roof site.  Along with well-placed graphics that promote scrolling, it’s information of value to the people within easy reach, and of course an attractive design evident from the lots of white spaces and red theme.

Source: Valentine Roofing

Nowadays, those using mobile phones to navigate are far more than desktop users, a situation which makes it vital that you also optimize your roof website for simple mobile viewing.  This may be achieved through Google accelerated mobile pages.

Other features your roof site should possess include:

Be simple to navigate Buttons and links should be simple to spot and they ought to direct people to exact places they expect to go.

Be visually attractive — An attractive theme pertinent to your company, white spaces, photographs, videos, and sliders are among the few items which will need to be featured on your site to make it captivating for visitors.

Have lead-capture forms– With no form to fill in their own details, leads are most likely to slip away.  You may make this process more successful by providing something in return, say, a free quote or DIY guide.

A section for ratings and reviews — Reviews play a massive role in the buying decisions consumers make.  Whether positive or negative, they are an opportunity to rate your roofing your business also.  Put aside a section in your site where your clients and other site visitors can leave their opinions.

Consistent content — Update your site on a regular basis with articles, like the kind we seemed eat earlier, since this will prefer your search engine performance in addition to leave a positive influence on your relationship with your audience.

Decent load Speed– If a visitor has to await minutes for your site to load, chances are high they will leave straight away.  Thus, your page loading rate must be decent for both desktop and mobile users.


Keywords are also a very important part of website optimization since they are what users will look up which will direct them directly to your website, thus raising your rank.

So as to find the ideal terms, likely those with low competition and demonstrated ability to help your site rank higher in the search engine result page, you will have to run  keyword research.

These are only but few of the techniques to optimize your roofing site.  Learn as much as possible about optimizing a web site from this manual  we did some time ago.

5. Show Your Roof Work Portfolio

Photos continue to locate several uses in regards to roofing projects.   Others used them for time-tracking the project.

Beyond these uses, there is the marketing side where before and after photos contribute to building trust with largely potential clients.

First, the photos must be of high quality as that counts in deciding if someone will be interested in checking them out.  That means you ought to invest in a good camera.

Record the preexisting conditions of a roof.  It might be about 10-20 pictures.  Photograph all sides of the house.  Then when the job is done, take more photographs.

They simply don’t include before and after photographs but also a concise summary of the job, complete with all the information a reader would want to hear.

Source: Global Home Improvement

Well, when you have compiled the photographs, go ahead and show them off to your potential clients.  If you can, share them on your own social networking profiles, particularly Facebook and Instagram, or think of a blog series in which you feature them as’Job of the month or week”.

Photos sort of summarize what you are able to perform as a roofing contractor, and they do a lot of the explanation that would have obviously taken plenty of resources and time.

6.Don’t Be Afraid To Move Old School

Despite there being too much emphasis on electronic marketing roofing advertising ideas, that does not invalidate the standard roofing marketing channels.  Print media, for example, stays  relevant thus far, with small companies still using platforms such as direct mail, newspapers, and magazines to market their services and products.

When done properly, traditional roofing marketing ideas can open an chance to reach a new audience and promote your company to your community.

Consider it this way.  Many of your opponents have likely abandoned the standard mailbox, which may easily be an opportunity for you to overcome a station known to have the maximum response rate.

At exactly the exact same time, imagine of a job you are proud of.  Imagine if you put a company sign away from the property?  Needless to say, you’ll need to ask permission from the homeowner.   There’s also the risk that some folks will record your contacts just in case they may need your services in the future.

Better still, you can combine both offline and online methods of marketing for roofing companies.  By doing this, you will have sealed the loopholes on your roof marketing plan, thereby taking full advantage of what each channel can provide.

How to Market a Roofing Company – Wrap Up

Putting these marketing tips for roofing firms into action does not need to be rocket science.

It can be sensible and easy.

Start by laying claim to your business listings online, then focus on your site content and be sure to focus on the things your clients are searching for online.  This will provide you the chance to be viewed as an authority in your field.

Then add a personal touch after clients start interacting with you.

Have your site optimized as well since your roof business needs all the prospects you can get.  Don’t neglect to show off pictures of your finished project, especially to prospective clients and, lastly, squeeze all the benefits from those old-school channels.

Best of luck in your business!

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